What I’ve Been Listening To

I don’t know about you guys, but I love using spring break as a way to find lots of cool new music. Load road trips or hours spent lounging out in the sunshine are ideal for listening to new tunes, and this spring break did not disappoint. With tons of new releases alongside the rediscovery of some old favorites, I’ve got tons to talk about and share with you guys.

Spring Break Jams.png

  1. ÷ – Ed Sheeran

Wow, if you haven’t listened to this album already, what have you been doing?! Go listen to it now! Sheeran proves yet again that he is a complete lyrical genius with this record. I found myself tearing up during one song and then laughing out loud during the next. As usual, the album is full of the beautiful ballads that Sheeran is known for and are sure to be the slow song of choice this prom season. The record also touches on quite a few more personal notes, the most standout of these being the song ‘Supermarket Flowers’, a song about the death of Sheeran’s grandmother. There are however, lots of more upbeat numbers to round out the album, making it something truly worth listening to. Personal favorites include a Gaelic inspired number called ‘Gallway Girl’, ‘New Man’ (the song that had me actually laughing), and ‘Barcelona’.

2.  Green Light – Lorde

A huge departure from Lorde’s typical “dark pop” sound, ‘Green Light’ marks a triumphant return for the 21-year-old singer songwriter. Taking inspiration from Swedish pop sensation, Robyn, and David Bowie who previously called Lorde the “future of music”, Green Light is an upbeat heartbreak pop anthem. Since the release of ‘Green Light’, Lorde has also released a second single, ‘Liability’. A slow piano ballad, the song focuses on the message of loving oneself without the usual cheese-fest that self love songs usually have. These singles have really peaked my interest in her sophomore album, ‘Melodrama’, set to release on June 16th. If you’re a fan of Lorde’s previous work, or of good pop music in general, I’d definitely give these a listen.

3. Intertwined – Dodie

While this isn’t a new release, singer-songwriter/YouTube personality Dodie just finished her first U.K headlining tour earlier this week and if you haven’t hear this EP already, I highly recommend it. Dodie’s angelic vocals accompanied mostly by her ukulele create a unique and addictive pop sound. While most of these songs have been preformed acoustically on her YouTube channel, the in studio makeovers that they all receive creates a very different listening experience. A mixture of fun songs about things like toothaches mixed with more serious topics create a very fun six song debut EP that I am absolutely in love with.


What a classic! WALK THE MOON’s sophomore album was released a few years ago, and even though the group is an absolute favorite of mine, this record had definitely fallen to the wayside of my collection.  Heavily inspired by 80’s pop, ‘TALKING IS HARD’ is packed to the brim with fun upbeat tunes, including their #1 hit single ‘Shut Up and Dance’. If you like that song even just a little bit, I beg you to give this album a chance, as that isn’t even the strongest song on the record. My personal favorites include ‘Different Colors’ and ‘Work This Body’. This record is almost exclusively made up of tracks that are amazing to dance to and the perfect songs to jam out to over spring break.

5. Fitz and the Tantrums – Fitz and the Tantrums

While this self-titled album was released in June, I happen to think that it’s the perfect collection of upbeat pop jams for any spring break outing. You’ve probably hear the records leading single, ‘Handclap’, but there are tons of other amazing tunes that are equally as catchy. Due to the lack of guitars the band uses, Fitz has a unique sound unlike so many other indie bands and always keeps me coming back for more. Personal favorites on the record are ‘Roll Up’ and ‘Walking Target’.

Hopefully at least one of these recommendations peaked your interest, or at least inspired you to try and find some new music this spring break! If you have any thoughts on the music I wrote about or have any musical recommendations for me, leave me a comment below!


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