Top Five Seattle Coffee Shops

If you didn’t already know, people in Seattle tend to be obsessed with this drink you may have heard of, coffee. With over 1,500 coffee shops in the city, there can be an awful lot to choose from. So hopefully this quick guide to my favorite places to grab a cup of coffee in Seattle will help you narrow down your choices.

Good MorningSunshine! (1).png

5. Starbucks Reserve

Please read the rest of this before attempting to murder me for even writing the name Starbucks on a list like this. The Starbucks Reserve really is unique experience. The menu is jam-packed with Reserve exclusives that really are borderline genius (you can get a cold brew Manhattan!). They also have a really cool shop in the store with tons of high quality coffee accessories like tumblers, water bottles, tea pots, and other really neat items. On top of that, they roast all of the Starbucks Reserve coffee at that exact location! You can sit and watch the coffee beans be roasted and then served to you within a few minutes! With tons of comfortable seating, I love to spend a few hours there reading a book on a nice sunny day and would definitely recommend you check it out.

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

I know, I know, Stumptown is another coffee chain, but this Portland based brand really does deserve a mention. Credited with starting the third wave coffee movement, Stumptown is a great place to grab a quality cup of coffee. Neither of the two Seattle locations have much seating, so I personally only stop by when I am out and about in Seattle and want a good cup of coffee to carry with me. With two locations on Capitol Hill, this makes Stumptown a great option for me to grab coffee on my way downtown when I’m going to work. So if you’re ever in a rush or just out running errands, Stumptown is a great option.

3. Empire Coffee

Located just a block away from the Seattle University campus and with ample table space in the upstairs seating area, Empire is amazing study/work area. Throughout finals week the store is packed and definitely the place to be. The large glass storefront and floor to ceiling windows allow the space to be filled with tons of light, making it a really beautiful place to hang out during a rare sunny day in Seattle. With fun drink options like root beer on tap or cayenne mochas coupled with delicious baked goods made in-house, Empire really stand out from the Seattle coffee clutter.

2. Victrola Coffee Roasters

Okay, so Victrola is where I went on my first date with my significant other, so I may be a little biased. But this place is still a really great coffee shop. Located on Pike just a few blocks from downtown, Victrola’s pretty yellow and blue storefront is hard to miss. With an exposed brick interior and local artwork hung on the walls, it really is a charming spot. On top of the cute decor, Victrola roasts all of their own coffee beans in house! A pretty impressive feat here in Seattle. With such lovely decor and such close proximity to fun activities in both downtown and Capitol Hill, Victrola is a great place to stop and sit for a while.

  1. Honor Coffee

Honor Coffee has a few different locations, however I didn’t encounter this small Seattle based chain until their opened their fourth and newest location on Broadway in Capitol Hill. The reason Honor is ranked as my favorite coffee shop is quite simple, it combines every aspect that I love from the other coffee shops on this list. The care and love of coffee from the Starbucks Reserve, the simple and consistent quality of Stumptown, the exciting drink options and baked goods from Empire, and the lovely decor and storefront that Victrola has. Top all this off with consistently lovely baristas, and it really is a foolproof formula for having a lovely coffee shop.

While you may not be as coffee obsessed as I am, I really hope that at least one of these recommendations caught your eye. If you check out any of these cafes, or have any coffee shops you think I should try, let me know in the comments below!